Doctors Access Testimonials

"I have been an enthusiastic user of Doctors Access software for years. I have been extremely impressed with the service. It has always been prompt and reliable. The software is simple, user friendly, fast, and is easily the best value in the marketplace today. You may buy far more expensive software programs and get less for the money. I am substantially relieved that I am now HIPAA compliant, and it is in large part due to my selection of this software program. It has also increased my efficiency and saved hundreds of hours since I can now send my insurance claims electronically. I highly recommend this product and the staff at Doctors Access."

Dr. David Newsom

"I want to thank you for the time you have spent helping me and my staff. I have incorporated your Medicaid and Medicare insurance knowledge into my practice. Because of your common sense and knowing advice, I have doubled my collections. Without your company my outlook would have been bleak indeed. I have also learned to only listen to you on matters of insurance and software issues. You guys have the facts. You're the greatest!"

Dr. G. Plummer

"I want to thank you, for the pleasure you've added to my life through Doctor's Access software. It has exceeded all of my (high) expectations for its easy-to-use billing, appointment scheduling, and data management features. More importantly, though, working directly with each of you has made the experience even more gratifying. Thank you all for your high standards and your professionalism. It has been a true pleasure to do business with you."

Dr. P. Jao

"Doctors Access software has operated beyond my expectations. Customizing our software to fit the way we practice was so simple. I really like being able to just glance at the screen and know why my patients are coming to see me. In respect to claim processing, my cash flow has impressively increased, and we never have any more lost batches. Thank you."

Dr. C. Shapiro

"I've been using Doctors Access since 2001. The staff has been available from the beginning assisting my employees in starting up my practice and making sure all our software management, electronic transmission capabilities and related service needs were met. They remain ahead of the curve in HIPAA compliance, Microsoft language updates, hardware needs, and customer service. I could not more highly recommend their service. Thank you."

Dr. S. Bollig