Appointment Reminders Software

Email Appointment Reminder:

  • Reduce your no show no calls.
  • Automatically email patient appointment reminders from the scheduler module.
  • Multiple reminders can be sent to an email or text address.
  • You define when and how often to send reminders.
  • Send Happy Birthday messages to your patients.

Telephonic Appointment Reminder

  • Knows the difference between an answering machine and a person
  • Can detect & report telephone company messages
  • Can detect & offer different messaging based on the call recipients keypad input
  • Leave different messages based on the time of day
  • Can deliver messages in different languages
  • Knows when to call back if no answer or line is busy
  • Gracefully manages multiple providers at multiple sites
  • Offers 128 bit security over the Internet to ensure data privacy

"Sweet! I just wanted to let you know that you are the best and I really appreciate all that you do. I hope that you have an awesome day. You guys rock!"

Kristi Carver Sunshine Clinic

With the Telephone Appointment Confirmation Module, Doctors Access reads your appointment schedule each day and automatically transmits the necessary appointment data to the automated call center.