About Doctors Access

Established in 1994, Doctors Access(TM) Software is the premier choice for the small to midsize practice when selecting an affordable easy-to-use Practice Management System. Headquartered in Nashville, TN, Doctors Access is proud to have satisfied customers in over 20 states from Florida to Alaska. We developed the software to fit the needs of independent doctors who preferred a simple, affordable PM system for their practice. Later, we expanded to offer billing and accounts receivable services. Still today, Doctors Access knows and understands the needs of a busy practice. We know what it takes for you to succeed. Doctors Access customers enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that they are in compliance with the latest regulations and able to capture the maximum in revenue opportunity.

Regardless of your practice size, organizational structure or specialty, our software will work for you. Doctors Access provides dynamic client-server based technology in a user-friendly format and ready for 5010. Combining our Medical Billing services with our software, Doctors Access provides complete Revenue Cycle Management.

Doctors Access provides Live Support via its online Support site. Doctors Access Live Support provides immediate assistance when you need it. Our dedicated Support team is available to assist with any of your claim submission questions, as well as, provide friendly assistance in navigating the software.


"I have been an enthusiastic user of Doctors Access software for years now...The software is simple, user- friendly, fast, and is easily the best value in the marketplace today...highly recommend this product..."

Dr. David Newsom